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On February 13th, Rollins passed the fifty year mark and his current series of spoken word engagements see him taking an unflinching look at life, rage, and age with the same honesty and humor that busts myths, ignites conflicts, and puts the spotlight again on his showmanship. What follows is our conversation on an early weekday morning fueled by four cups of rocket fuel coffee on my end and probably fifteen on his. Now I'm late for this one because I was late doing the last one. so I was beeping in on call waiting that whole time? You know I let it ring for thirteen minutes straight? Yeah it kept beeping and I kept trying to get the very nice man off the phone but his questions were so cool and I felt bad since I was late for him because the first guy was late so I apologize profusely and I am ready to answer any question you have to the best of my ability! I'm from New York so I'll talk as fast as I can to get you back on schedule. Someone actually gave me a cane for a present and my assistant makes me use it around the office all the day. It was me and the road manager and we didn't even stay for the encore. You know I've learned more from her than she's ever learned from me, that's the truth.

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She's going to go out and do her own spoken word tour just to take the piss out of you. I just don't know honestly what I could do with it that's different.

Clocking in at nearly 160 minutes, it is his longest release to date. A great crowd and I am glad it was the night we recorded.

In the tradition of the last three volumes of Talk Is Cheap, the CDs are long and low on edits and cost and of course, one dollar from each CD will be donated to Hollygrove in Los Angeles, CA (a home for abused and neglected children,

Talk Is Cheap: Volume 4 is the 14th live spoken word album by Henry Rollins, released December, 2004 on 2.13.61 Records.

It was recorded on April 16, 2004 at San José State University in San José, CA. The show happened at San Jose State in Northern California.