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With this kind of refinancing, you will pay off your current mortgage loan and take out a new mortgage at a higher amount.

You will need to have adequate equity in your home to make this possible.

Usually it's easiest if you own a home with enough of an equity cushion to borrow against it.

However, you can consolidate even if you don't own a home.

A loan with a longer term may have a lower monthly payment, but it can also significantly increase how much you pay over the life of the loan.

View the Total Cost of Borrowing Before you apply, we encourage you to carefully consider whether consolidating your existing debt is the right choice for you.

Before you pull cash out of your home, or tap a home equity line of credit, consider the following dos and don'ts.

By comparison, mortgage rates are currently in the 3–4% range.

It’s possible to add the costs associated with getting a new mortgage into the total refinance amount to avoid paying anything out of pocket at closing.

However, refinancing to get cash out or consolidate your debt may result in a longer loan term or a higher rate, and that might mean paying more in interest overall in the long run.

A new personal loan that combines both your car loan and previous personal loans is probably the best option.

Before you get a new loan, consider these dos and don'ts.