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I have low risk HPV and would dearly love to meet someone. If she's the right one she will be okay with you having HPV.

Be sure to have all the information about low risk HPV when you choose to share this personal part of you because it'll help them feel more comfortable.

Well lucky them - You However Now Need to be More Careful Than Ever. According to Rutgers University Health Services: "Over a typical college career approximately 60% of sexually active women will become infected...

When caught early, treatment may simply involve removal of affected tissue.

Very little is known about HPV by the general public, in fact recent studies suggest up to 80% of sexually active people get HPV (thousands of whom visit this site everyday to find each other). Most people think sexually transmitted diseases will 'happen to someone else' or that using a condom is 100% foolproof in protecting against STD's.

Most just aren't aware because they are asymptotic and continue about their lives without ever even thinking they could be spreading a potentially deadly virus. The most important thing to realize is that ANYONE who is sexually active has an extremely high likelihood that they will come into contact HPV.

There's no commercial test used to detect the genital virus in men.

Testing for oral HPV is available, but it isn't widely recommended.