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It’s not the show’s blatant materialism, or the Chinese government’s aversion to the program.It’s the fact that I was once a contestant on the show.The episodes, filmed in the Chinese city of Nanjing, will go to air on SBS2 over two Sunday nights, starting this Valentine's Day.Mr Mc Mahon learned Mandarin in high school and after graduating spent time backpacking in China and studied Chinese in Beijing.It’s also unexpected because If You Are the One is based on an Australian program called Taken Out, which was so bad, so very bad, that it lasted on the air for but a few weeks of sad, shallow, and sexist viewing.What, then, makes If You Are the One different, and what about it appeals to the Australian imagination in ways in which its Australian originator does not?I have never been one for dating shows, but I do not seem to be able to stop watching China’s extremely popular If You Are the One.

Mr Mc Mahon said the experience made him realise that Chinese was going to play a large part in his life."In Chinese there is an idiom that goes along the line of, 'from a tragedy comes something great'," he said."I really want to dedicate my life to forging better cultural communication and understanding between China, Australia and the rest of the world."Mr Mc Mahon said he had been following If You Are The One since the show began five years ago."I've always wanted to go on this show but it's never seemed to be the right time," he said.Shortly after returning to Australia in 2012 he was in a serious car accident and fell into a week-long coma."When I came out of that coma, the first words to come out of my mouth were in fluent Mandarin," he said.He said he opened his eyes to see a nurse of Asian appearance and spoke to her in Mandarin, saying: "Hi, it really hurts here ... " For some time after the accident he would think and dream in Mandarin, he said, and sometimes would lapse into Mandarin when conversing with his English-speaking friends and family.Every week my mum and grandma would ask about my dating life.They'd tell me not to be so picky and to keep going on dates.A film crew visited my home and recorded an episode for the dating show at Jiangsu Satellite Television in Nanjing.