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"It's 'I'm secretary of this' and 'I'm director of that,'" she said.

"And even they admit that a lot of it is kind of bogus."Rachel Greenwald, an author and dating coach, thinks it's because most college "relationships" now occur within the context of a brief sexual encounter, or "hookup," as the youth say.

I am a Caucasian woman who has dated Caucasian, Mexican, Puerto Rican and Black men.

I think “preferences” can change throughout your lifetime, so I think it should be OK to have a preference, if you are basing that preference on attraction.

Consider it a sort of shadow census; an examination of how we actually see ourselves and want to be seen by others.

Here are the maps for funny and lonely:]It’s interesting to see that people are much more likely to describe themselves as lonely and shy than more positive traits like funny or kinky.

Erika Christakis, a lecturer at the Yale Child Study Center, is a former co-master at one of the student residence halls at Harvard.

I think people are looking for a partner who is in their “tribe,” and it comes down to how you identify your tribe. Date who or whatever you want, purely a personal thing.

It could be race and religion and regional identity. Having a racial preference becomes a problem when you won’t even consider dating someone because of their race. I am a 24-year-old first-generation Nigerian American.

The process started because of work on political maps, as he tells Co.

Design: “I tried my hand at online dating briefly in 2008, and became fascinated with the system and how it works.