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For the next few years, they practiced in Prince's basement with Snow providing vocals and Prince playing records. Shan then invited Snow to New York and introduced him to music producers, David Eng and Steve Salem.

Intimidating haircuts

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THE HARDEST THING about being a kid, is that you’re not in charge.You don’t really get to make any of your own choices, so really you are at your parents mercy.To recap all of the above, these are the hair lengths to get for your Reco haircut: These are some more pictures of the High and Tight Recon haircut so you can get some inspiration.

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If you know your clipper blade number or have any styles in mind, request it.

This certainly applies to the realm of haircuts, where you parents have both the power and the money to access professionals who determine what you’re going to look like for an indeterminable period of time.

You would think that parents would take this responsibility seriously, and to be fair, some do. Have a look at these photographs and make the call for yourself.

With this in mind, today we look to explain some of the key terminology that is standard within the industry, in order to increase your knowledge and help you understand how specific types of cutting can achieve different results…Before you consider exactly how you want your hair to be cut or styled, it’s extremely important to take into consideration your hairline, which is the shape of the hair growth around the top of the forehead.

As you mature you may notice a receding hairline, which is thinning of the hair at the temples and around the hairline at the front.