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\\\\ 'OU MERUIT FERAT /j I w 1 I • ^ Welcome To Our World Shawnigan Yearbook Editors Paul Rokeby -Thomas Jenny Rolston Advisors David Leary Elizabeth Leary Cover Design Earl Pheasey Jenny Rolston Computer Imaging Jason Dorland Morriss Printing We would like to thank all those who contributed photographs and copy. The staff team tried hard but, in the main, they were just too old and feeble — despite having some Staff children to help them out! Shawnigan Lake School (Sho - ni - gen Lak Skool) n. A mosaic of beliefs, cultures, traditions, and opinions. An amazing learning experience for all involved, staff and students alike. An institution driven towards helping their students find success in all areas of life. Duxbury won the boys' race and School/Ren- frew took girls' honours. " The Grade 8 Expedition was fun; and it gave me an opportunity to get to know everyone in my grade" " The food was great Jay looks satisfied as he enjoys Mr. HALL E'EN Clockwork orange: Ben, Marcus, Zac, and Graeme. Megan and Laura dressed up for early morn- ing chapel. Spencer looks too casual to be in the picture with Mikaela, Mac- kenzie, and Mark. The competition counts for House points in the competition for the Lonsdale's Cup and the Hyde-Lay Trophy. The trip was over way too soon" Brie and Jasmin enjoy the same interesting topic, while Marina seems interested only in her hot chocolate. " The best part, of course, was going through the last rapid clinging to the side of the raff 9 "We hit some huge waves and got real wet" The Grade 10 's set their spirits free along with the wave. Abbott had a classic small-town upbringing; these are the friends he stayed up late with playing cards and dominoes before drifting off to sleep on backyard trampolines. ” He missed a couple, endured some more jeers, and hit a few more.The men have remained close over the years, happily recalling the times when they first tried chewing tobacco on a football trip to Corsicana or pulled an all-nighter while puzzling over the periodic table. After a while he called for someone to join him, and the games of knockout began.The Texas Chili Parlor is a neighborhood bar without a neighborhood.Stuck in the no-man’s land between the state capitol and the University of Texas campus, the Chili Parlor is so steeped in Austin tradition that its decision several years ago to begin offering chili with beans got coverage on the local TV news.

in Williamsport, Lycoming County, Francis Spring, child of George Spring and Mina Starr, born in Lairdsville, Pennsylvania, , died in Picture Rocks, Lycoming County, . Mc Carty and Maria Whitmoyer, born , died in Lewis Township, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, , buried in the Muncy Cemetery, Muncy, Lycoming County; married Cora B.

The attorney general gazed out across the Bosque River Valley, took a deep breath, and raised his Remington 12-gauge shotgun. If those names sound like they come from Ward Cleaver’s America, that’s because they do.

” An orange clay pigeon flashed across the sky before disappearing into a field some forty yards away. ” It was a bright-blue mid-May afternoon, and Greg Abbott was relaxing with some of his old classmates from Duncanville High School, Billy and Buzzy and Randy and Rickey and Kevin and Joe.

It is a way of cementing relations between all students in a House, both Junior and Senior. A mix of pa- tient runners smile while waiting their turn.

Ray walks back from his leg of the race, while Colleen takes the baton from Jen. "Round the Lake" is the first School-wide event of the year. A three - way smile from Megan, Cara and Allison from compet- ing Houses.