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Many are married to men who come to Japan to find work from countries with Islamic traditions such as Iran, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Malaysia. "This cannot seem to leave Japanese heads," said Siddiqi.Although some women converted with no thought of marriage, many more converted to Islam to marry Muslims; the center reports a record number of 40 marriages between foreign Muslims and Japanese women converts this year."Women are attracted to Islam because they want freedom. "We explain one thousand times that marrying four times is permissible only in certain unavoidable circumstances such as impotency, infertility and so forth. If you need another women, then marry her, take care of her children."Asked why a woman can't have more than one husband, Siddiqi explained, "Because she can't decide on whose child it is.During this consultation we will discuss your background, your needs, and how our service can best meet your needs. You will need it for official application in Muslim country such as Kids Registration, School entrance for kids, hajj etc.We also give a percentage of the fee to the various Not for profit organizations.Users can get information on matrimony, matrimonial, brides, bridegrooms, marriage dates, horoscope matching, marriage services, betrothal services, marriage ceremonies, marriage reception, marriages in Pakistan, India, Saudi Arabia, Middle East, Malaysia, Indonesia and other muslim countries.Islam gives them independence because they do not have to be a slave of any man. It is confusing for her." (Japanese law uses the same logic, forbidding women to remarry within six months of divorce.) [In Islam the waiting period, _idda_, is shorter].Japanese women who marry men from Islamic countries often face ostracism from their families and alienation from friends; living by Islamic laws requires major changes in nearly every every aspect of their lives.

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Please consult with us if you don’t have anybody to be your witnesses.

"Aysha" Abid Choudry - her given name is Harumi - adopted her Muslim name and faith four years ago, at the age of 26, to marry a Pakistani.

Two years later, like many Japanese women married to Muslim men in Japan, she remained reluctant to abide by Islamic laws.

Please along your witnesses and make your appointment prior to come.

May Allah bless your marriage here in this world and hereafter.