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THE STORYLINE Tara Webster has always dreamed of being a prima ballerina, and when she gets the chance to audition for the National Academy of Dance in Sydney, Australia, it seems like her wish has finally come true.CAST OF CHARACTERS Following in the footsteps of great YA TV heroines like Angela Chase and Felicity Porter, Tara is loveable and extremely flawed. There’s a lot of FYA standards – Mysterious Loner Dude, teenage crushes, but with ballet sabotage and rivalries, the occasional baby kangaroo – even if you don’t want to review it for the site, it’s a fabulous show, cheesy, but compelling. This show is crazy addictive and jam packed with FYA’s favorite teen cliches. But with the help of good friends and the hope of romance with her unrequited crush, Tara begins to navigate the perils of ballet and the pitfalls of adolescence. And then you had my hand in marriage at “baby kangaroo.” So I hopped on to You Tube and started watching the pilot, and y’all, LISA T WAS NOT KIDDING AROUND. But Tara’s small town background didn’t exactly prepare her for the rigor and competition at the academy, and almost immediately, she’s overwhelmed by the challenge.The former Home and Away star, who played Jai Fernandez on the long-running soap, told The Daily Telegraph that his 'number one rule' is keeping his professional and personal lives separate.After leaving Home and Away in 2009, the 24-year-old landed the role of Christian Reed in Dance Academy.He’s two years older than the girls, and he’s cocky but also a little bit sweet. But even though Ethan is supposed to be the main boy candy, I swoon the most over Christian, the MLD of the show. (Cue panty explosion.) He’s got a tragic, troubled past; he skateboards and surfs; he’s a kickass dancer; and he hates authority with a fiery passion. As you can see from the contrast between the above picture and the rest of the boys, Tom is the nerdy cutie of the show, i.e. He’s goofy and thoughtful and awkward and just a total sweetheart. When I was watching the pilot, and Miss Raine appeared, I started wildly flailing my limbs in a way that vaguely resembled the bogo pogo. Healthy Ballerinas As you may have noticed in the pictures, all of the girls on this show look, like, regular girls! Opening Credits Nowadays, it seems like a lot of shows have done away with the traditional opening credits.I want to hug him at least five times every episode. I always wondered what happened after the Pan-Pacific Grand Prix! Fran became a really uptight ice queen ballet teacher! what I expected but whatever, I’m just glad to see her again. (And here’s the science to prove it.) There’s the struggling but passionate heroine who is the picture of innocence, the older, sexy guy, the super intense biotch who’s the best dancer in the class, the sweet guy friend, the strict but ultimately caring instructor and, of course, lots of impressive dance scenes. They’re pretty but not supermodels, and their limbs are muscular instead of sticks. Either it’s an HBO show with a long string of incredible graphics, or it’s a CW show where they flash the title of the show along with a random sound.

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And the actor, who is dating dancer Marissa Heart, also had praise for the show's fans - both at home and abroad.To determine which is more important, with Sammy's help, Tara makes a list of pros and cons about Ethan.However, Abigail emails Tara's list to the whole school.THE Dance of the Cygnets might be over-performed, but when Tchaikovsky's famous pas de quatre is well-executed, it still has the capacity to engage.The same can be said of the "Fame" movie template in which a bunch of talented youngsters overcome both external obstacles and personal demons to shine in their chosen discipline.Christian is accepted into the Academy on scholarship by the director's agreement, saving Christian from juvenile detention while awaiting trial. For a class assignment, Sammy and Abigail have to tie themselves together for 24 hours which they later discover only had to be "2–4 hours".