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GO This eighteen page article is a rational exposition on the thirteen foundational principles of all faith set forth by Maimonides.

Through this brilliant and revolutionary article, one is capable of rationally comprehending how these principles are not just a matter of belief, but are self evident truths which are as necessary to our existence as the air that we breathe.

Kabbalah University has been an important tool for spiritual connection, study and helping thousands of students around the world achieve greater spiritual growth through the wisdom of Kabbalah since its launch in 2008.

• Judaism has ancient mystical teachings • Mysticism was taught only to those who had already learned Torah and Talmud • Jewish mysticism is known as kabbalah, and part of it was written in the Zohar • Kabbalah and its teachings have been distorted by mystics and occultists • One well-known teaching is the Ein Sof and the Ten Sefirot When non-Jews ask about Judaism, they commonly ask questions like: Do you believe in heaven and hell? The areas of Jewish thought that most extensively discuss these issues, Kabbalah and Jewish mysticism, were traditionally not even taught to people until the age of 40, when they had completed their education in Torah and Talmud.

There are many stories of places similar to Christian heaven and purgatory, of wandering souls and reincarnation.

The Talmud contains vague hints of a mystical school of thought that was taught only to the most advanced students and was not committed to writing.

Every person also has the need for love, which in READ MOREVery often people don't look for the right things or don't know what they should look for when dating and looking for their potential spouse.

It is intended to provide a brief introduction to Kabbalah, and pointers to additional sources of information.

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Kabbalah-Dating is the part of the Kabbalah-Relating program that focuses on dating.

And there is no difference if it is a man or a woman - what's important are the desires, the soul.

In contrast, when we talk about love in this world, we are really talking about attraction and pleasure that are brought about by Kabbalah: You’ve probably heard of it thanks to the red-bracelet-sporting celebs who’ve embraced it of late.

“In the first 15 minutes of meeting someone, your soul will tell you, like a little Geiger counter, if this might be your beshert, The One that is meant to be,” says Waxman.

So, don’t waste your time if you’re not into them after date #1 or even your first beer.