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Are you interested in how virtual assistant technology works?

If you answered yes, Co-authors Michael Mc Tear (University of Ulster) and Zoraida Callejas (University of Granada) have written an excellent new book, Voice Application Development for Android that is just for you.

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“That is ultimately what new technologies should be used for: to better our lives and conquer the challenges society faces.” The Anne Frank House said it is one of the first museums worldwide to use this technology on the Facebook Messenger platform.

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“People from all over the world can now receive instant answers to their questions about Anne Frank, her family, Anne’s diary, and the era they lived in.

For example, the book covers the Google TTS API and the Google Speech API.

The book contains detailed code examples that teach the reader how to develop his own Android voice apps.

With this bot, Facebook Netherlands offers us an innovative possibility to reach a big audience, especially youngsters,” Leopold said.

Prince Constantijn said the bot, which is powered by deep learning Artificial Intelligence, is more than a “fun gadget.” “It is a way to reach people all over the world and inform them about Anne Frank’s life and warn them for the risks and effects of racism and discrimination,” he said.