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Taurus and Leo both have qualities that make a great relationship and that harm a great relationship.

The two can make a dynamic couple but learning to work together and communicating is important to the survival of their relationship.

Both astrological signs are devoted lovers and mates and can have a bit of an ego but this works out well because the Taurus woman and Leo man compliment each other beautifully.

The female Taurus will give the Leo man’s huge ego the attention he yearns for and at the same time he will feed her craving for devotion and keeping all eyes on her.

He prefers to have his lover alone and all to himself.

This satisfies the Taurus’s need for a devoted lover and partner but can leave her a little bored at times.

Taurus is ruled by the Planet Venus (Love and Money) and Leo is ruled by the Sun (Self).

They’re both extremely loyal and possessive lovers.

Since they have such similar desires, they can generally provide for one another’s needs quite well. They prize physical comfort and luxury; Leo is often flamboyant about attentions and gift-giving, which will greatly please Taurus, who loves the most traditional forms of courtship.

If you're at a party, look for the guy who's telling jokes or relating some vivid tale to a circle of guests.

You might also find a Leo man performing with a local theater group, since Lions crave the spotlight.