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Then when business slows down the company will have less of a need for borrowed funds to finance short-term assets like inventory accounts – the need for financing will decline as the need for inventory declines.At this point, the company will have generated profits from the busy season, and will now be able to use those profits to repay the loans it took out to finance operations during the busy season.Equity with Loan Value (ELV) – Forms the basis for determining whether a client has the necessary assets to either initiate or maintain security positions. Maintenance Margin Requirement – the amount of equity which must be maintained in order to continue holding a position. S., the rules of the listing exchanges specify the maintenance margin requirements on security transactions subject to SEC approval.Equals cash stock value bond value mutual fund value European and Asian options value (excludes market value U. securities & futures options and cash maintained in futures segment). The exchange maintenance margin requirement for long stock positions is currently set at 25% although brokers often establish 'house margin' requirements in excess of that, particularly where the security is considered low-priced or subject to volatile price changes.In the context of Loan Syndication, you may require to rollover a borrower draw down loan under a borrower tranche of a borrower facility contract.You can rollover a loan that you are processing, provided a rollover is allowed for the product, the loan involves.Then the borrower takes the revenue generated from those business activities and uses it to repay the money that was borrowed to finance the activities.The term can apply to a company that experiences seasonal fluctuations in business.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of terminology involved and this note should help you understand all the intricacies involved.

Initial Margin Requirement - The minimum portion of a new security purchase that an investor must pay for in cash. The exchange maintenance margin requirement for short stock positions is currently set at 30%.

T is enforced at the end of the day, IB performs an initial margin requirement check at the point of trade, albeit at a rate generally less than 50% (IB Initial Margin).

It is calculated as $$ \text = \text \text - \text.

$$ Your daily profits and losses (P&L) and daily returns are computed based on changes in your net liquidation value.