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In the seventeenth century Dorset, Devon and Somerset provided the setting and the manpower for the Monmouth Rebellion of 1685, in which the aptly named James Scott (well, at least for those of you who know your anthropologists of popular politics), an illegitimate but Protestant son of Charles II, unsuccessfully attempted to overthrow the new Catholic King James II (Brixham, Devon, was also the landing place of William III’s rather more successful usurpation of James’ throne in 1688).Then in the eighteenth century the people of the South West were in up in arms again, staging a series of ‘Cider Riots’ in opposition to a newly proposed cider tax.These are the people you can trust to have your back all the time, you can close both eyes when sleeping and they got you covered or turn your back on them after handing 'em a knife or gun and not have to worry they will be tempted to use it on you.Ronda Rousey's coach, Edmond Tarverdyan, failed to appear at his scheduled 341(a) Meeting of Creditors this past Monday as part of his bankruptcy case.prosecute claims objections to the extent that legal issues are involved and that funds are generated for the estate; and e.Best known to posterity as the ‘Prayer Book Rebellion’, the summer of that year saw a rebel host of up to 6000 men lay siege to Exeter in an attempt to seize control of the region and force the crown into a series of policy climb-downs.It all kicked off in Cornwall, where local residents took exception to the imposition of a new Book of Common Prayer – one that symbolised the sweeping away of the old Catholic religion and its replacement with a new Protestant evangelicalism.

He then re-filed for bankruptcy and appeared at a Sep.

Whilst the Conservatives have long been the dominant party in the region, this is nonetheless a significant historical departure: few governments have ever been able to consider the West Country quite the stronghold that this one can.[1] And I’m not just talking here about recent electoral history: for the past 500 years the South West of England has more often than not made itself a thorn in the side of the political establishment.

As early as 1497 the Cornish had rebelled against royal demands for taxation, leading a march on London that was supported by as many as 15,000 West Country folk.

You are further notified that in the event you do not appear at said time and place, the Trustee will request that the court dismiss the case pursuant to Local Bankruptcy Rule 1017-2(b).avoid any fraudulent and/or preferential transfers, including any transfers involving GFC Fitness; c.liquidate any property that is recovered as a result of the avoidance of any transfers; d.

prosecute claims objections to the extent that legal issues are involved and that funds are generated for the estate; and such other legal action that may be necessary and appropriate.