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This generation of married couples is sliding to an all-time low.

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Emmett even served as the best man for Toby and Nikki's teamed up to perform a duet of their song “What I’ve Been Looking For” and spill some behind-the-scenes secrets! I think we just didn’t know each other and I was a lot like Sharpay and Lucas was like ‘Who is this person? Since wrapping, Ashley and Lucas have become super close, which you can tell as they performed an epic, updated rendition of the throwback song. Their friendship went into huge decline after Toby found out that he slept with his then-girlfriend, Simone, he became all-around hostile towards Emmett, even shoving him to the ground once.Toby later forgave Emmett and they started a new band with Nikki.

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However, after Emmett showed his excellent drumming skills when he was filling in for someone, they started a friendship.While the duo may seem like the best of friends now, they didn’t always get along! And Ashley Tisdale originally auditioned to play Gabriella Montez, in part because...3.At school, he found passions in the guitar and the accordion while also enjoying dance.He can dance in the styles of jazz, ballet, hip-hop and tap.He has given many shirtless scenes according to the demand of the script.