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Ludwig snare drum dating

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Since the Acrolite generates respect among those who have played them I thought I would give an overview of its “career” for those who may not be familiar with the venerable 404 (5 x 14) which is still readily available.

I won’t clutter up this thread with all of the descriptions throughout the years since they pretty much remained the same, but will show a number of images of the Snare so you can get a better feel for how they should look from the different eras.

This information will only pertain to Drums I worked on that I knew to be original since things have a tendency to get swapped out over the years, especially Strainers, which can generate some confusion so please keep this in mind if looking at an e Bay listing, or even a Ludwig Catalog, that doesn’t jibe with “the facts.” Ludwig had a tendency to reuse images for their Catalogs even though things had changed and overlap, in their process, the introduction of newer style parts with the older style, as opposed to having a clean “breakpoint.” Because of this please don’t think what I add is “carved in stone,” it’s just what I have come across on the “originals” that I have worked on and I’m learning something new all the time…............

The 404 entered Ludwig’s stable of Snares in 1963 and is shown below in the first Catalog it appeared in, the "New for '63" supplement to Catalog No.62.

But unlikely as it may seem, the broadcast of one television show in early 1964 played an unwitting role in helping to date more closely one particular brand of drum.

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magazine) One of the intriguing aspects of collecting vintage drums is discovering when your instrument was made.Estimating the age of a drum can be done more or less by examining its badge type, style of hardware, shell construction/composition and interior/exterior finish.If you’re fortunate enough, your drum might even have a date stamp on the inside of its shell.The Ludwig Drum Experts have an extensive section devoted to Ludwig Drums over on our Vintage Drum Guide web site.There is an entire section devoted to Ludwig Drums, including the history of Ludwig Drums, drum badges, drum finishes and catalog pages on their snare drums as well as drum sets.This first production version is commonly reffered to as a "protoype" but considering it was a Student Snare and offered in a Snare Kit the possibility exists that there are quite a few of these 404's with the "orange peel" anodized finish still kicking around.