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Although there have been a few attempts to push legislation through Congress to mandate minimum national recycling rates, none have made it out of committee hearings.

government has historically relied on state and local governments to handle waste management in all of its forms, including recycling.

RCRA abolished open dumps and required the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to create guidelines for solid waste disposal and regulations for hazardous waste management, but had little to say about recycling except to call for an increase in federal purchases of products made with recycled content.

The EPA also published manuals and workshops on implementing curbside recycling programs, although funding for such programs dried up by 1981. Pioneering programs in Massachusetts and elsewhere led to the development of curbside recycling programs in more than 600 municipalities throughout the U.

What does the mandatory recycling ordinance require? 1, recyclables are basically prohibited from Seattle's household, apartment and business garbage.

For businesses, that means paper, cardboard and yard waste is prohibited from the garbage. Just automatically if we find too many recyclables in your garbage, we'll leave a tag and ask you to sort it out and then we'll collect the garbage can the next week." Since enforcement started, what have the trends been?

S.—mostly in the Northeast and on the West Coast—by the mid-1980s.

For instance, less populous western states with lots of extra land for siting landfills might not be as inclined to push for higher recycling rates as those crowded eastern states with less room to store their trash.

He only has left to pay on it.''I've been recycling since I was his age,'' his father said.

As elected officials grow more concerned about garbage and what to do with it, recycling could become mandatory for county residents.

Research shows that Americans are producing more and more waste with every passing year.

Currently fifty-five percent of Americans have their waste hauled off to landfills each week, while only thirty-one percent recycle their weekly waste.