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No question, the public's fascination with the 22-year-old actress, fashion designer, author, and co-president of the company Dualstar Entertainment Group is warranted. She's genuinely serious about what she does, and she seems to want us to take her seriously, too. All of that beauty, all of that style, all of that intelligence: Why isn't she self-destructing and throwing it all away? CB: When I saw you last summer, you were in a new apartment in New York. I've never really had much consistency in my life, you know, from everyday work to my living situation to whether or not I'm going to be in L. The one constant thing in my life is my friends and family, which is all I need. All my friends here do such different creative things. We also have shoes coming out-they're going to be beautiful.

Mary-Kate and her (older by a few minutes) sister Ashley were beamed into American households from their infancy on the television series , and since then they've brilliantly maneuvered their charm, beauty, and wit into a multimillion-dollar industry. The Mary-Kate that most of us don't know is a very thoughtful, intelligent woman with a blistering sense of humor and an enterprise that makes even hard-working friends feel like they aren't doing enough with their days. You were saying that you like to keep moving, that you haven't found one place yet that you want to stay in permanently. But I've been in the same place for a while now, since last year, so that's a start.

The fashion designer and actress worked out with Sarkozy reported exclusively by US Magazine.

is an American actress, fashion designer, producer, author, businesswoman, and equestrian.

After that, she was enrolled into New York University with her twin sister, but for a short time.

Actress, author, film producer, fashion designer, businesswoman Anglican / Episcopalian Appearing in various television shows with her sister Ashley Olsen.

1954)Mother: Martha Mackenzie Olsen (stepmother)Brother: Trent Olsen (actor, b. 13-Jun-1986)Sister: Elizabeth Olsen ("Lizzie", actress, b. 16-Feb-1989)Sister: Courtney Taylor Olsen (stepsister, b.

Sources say the former French president’s 42-year-old younger half-brother, who’s managing director of the Carlyle Group, has been seeing 25-year-old Olsen for about a month, and they’re “head over heels” for one another.

The Olsens continued to release direct-to-video films up to the early 2000s, along with starring in the 1995 feature film It Takes Two.In 1997, the Olsen twins guest starred in an episode of Sister, Sister, alongside rival twin actresses Tia Mowry and Tamera Mowry.After Full House, the sisters starred in two other sitcoms (Two of a Kind and So Little Time) and an animated series (Mary-Kate and Ashley in Action! The former lasted one season while the latter ran for two seasons.But in the last few years, Mary-Kate has transformed herself from a child star and adorable twin into something far more rare: a hauntingly gorgeous young woman with serious acting talent and a remarkably individual, articulate fashion sense that speaks more of classic New York and haute Paris than it does of breezy L. She walks quietly into rooms and gives you her full attention when you talk to her. CB: It's kind of impossible not to ask you how you feel about the world prying into your personal life. Do you just say, "Okay, I'm not going to take any of this personally. I kind of settled there and I'm happy for right now. And you always leave kind of wishing you'd hugged her more. Fuck them." MKO: I definitely don't take any of it personally. Along with Ashley, Olsen was cast at the age of nine months to share the role of Michelle Tanner on the ABC sitcom Full House.