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Midnight club social club not updating

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The club is pleased to offer full membership to athletes of any ability from 10 years old upwards. Details on how to join the club - for athletes from 10 to as old as you like - can be found by going to our membership pages.

We take part in all the athletic disciplines involved in track and field, cross-country running and road running and have a beginners' running group too for people who've never tried anything like this before. We are able to provide most activities most of the time, but our ability to do that is limited by the availability of volunteers.

Our young athletes sections are currently full and we have a waiting list but senior membership is open.

If you wish to join the club, or go onto the waiting list, please go to our membership page and check what is the best approach for you.

We hope you find all the information you need on this site. If you would like to ask any questions, please go to our frequently asked questions page or enter a key word in the search box.

If you're keen to take part in athletics, we'll be delighted to help you be the best you can.

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It has been immediately agreed that a donation will be made from the MD Disasters Fund through District 105A, who serve the area of this terrible event, and we stand by to hear from DG Brindar what help is needed and how we can best do so.

DG Brindar has spoken to the authorities coordinating the response, and he has been advised that they do not need any more food or clothing at present as they have been overwhelmed with generous donations.

DG Brindar has a meeting this afternoon with the authorities helping to plan support for the victims, and he will then advise us all what help is needed and he will apply for funds from the Disaster Fund to assist the recovery efforts.

The ages of the victims and the injured cover a wide range from children to grandparents and they come from all parts of the British Isles and Ireland, such was the appeal of an innocent family entertainment event.

Many of the injured will remain seriously ill for a long time which will put a further strain on their families as they support them in their recovery.