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The film stars Gerard Butler as a participant in an online game in which participants can control human beings as players, and Logan Lerman as the player who controls him.

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I wish you continued success in your music and acting career, as well as your health and love life. Never mind the rest, his eyes alone could carry you. I am also not to sure what your role is with the chairman/grandpa dude..he your father, I'm going to have to go back several episodes and re-watch maybe I missed that connections. his so sexy in my girlfriend is a gmiho, so i had to write this comment lol.

That said, I feel he is often not put in roles that would have been great for him. I think he would have been great in the lead for "My Love from Another Star". In this latest episode, I don't like how they are sealing up your lips by threatening your pregnant girlfriend...I can understand why you'd chose to keep quiet now. I mean I know I'm watching and by the comments of others, someone is watching..nevertheless, you are a beautiful man and keep up the awesome work. For me Minew is the best but I'm kinda sad cause he is so underrated.. Throughout the entire drama i just stared at him and his sexiness lol and the song that come up when he appear suited him the most Baby is crazy, hot, and sexy on top of that he can act...

There hasn't been one series or picture that I have seen him in that I haven't loved him in. I have seen all your dramas except midas because i didn't want it to end that way. After seeing you i started noticing the way other actors act and i bet you are amazing no words can measure your talent i will always support you and i will b e your fan till the end.

after seeing him in My Unfortunate Boyfriend, I never thought he would be the 'Phillip' from pasta!!! he looks absolutely different, and I kinda didn't like him in pasta :\ but I totally admit to his charm after MUB XD Somehow, you seem to be more beautiful inside, than you are in exterior. I hope to find a way to keep up de good work, the good mood and the good life... I seriously envy Asian fans, as they get to see you all the time. He is not a "stick out" kind of guy, yet at the same time, he is. I haven't watched the full series yet, but I like it very much especially the spot in jungle. 사랑해, 꿀 I am currently watching you in God's Gift - 14's an awesome drama. Once again, it is always good to see you in dramas, no matter how small the role.

If you are looking for "first dating advice for girls" You are exactly right.

Boyfriend No Minwoo A man normally purports to become a boyfriend when he sees that the girl he is with has the feminine qualities of nurturing and thoughtful.

The caption on the picture was "YG's new it couple" and I was sooo surprised, like "holy shit this rookie is already caught in a dating scandal??!!

" Yes, I seriously believed that Jinwoo was a girl and that this rookie Mino already had a girlfriend, and I was genuinely concerned about how this would impact his career the comments didn't help though, they were all like "congratulations!! ." how's someone supposed to know this high maintenance looking girl was actually a 24 yr old man?

Show him that the affectionate and caring and there for him necessarily. She tried to obtain her son to leave with her quietly but he did start to get physical and begun kick striking her.

He was so out of control, it took two men to get him away from the room.