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Carrie Underwood showed off her teenie tiny baby bump in a champagne colored high-low Lorena Sarbu dress at the 2014 Cma Awards in Nashville, Tennessee on Wednesday.
Membership in the group is free (although Meetup does charge me to have this Meetup). Some events are free, some cost money, some are joint meetups with other meetup groups or postings to join other groups/attend other events.

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They were always poking, analyzing, observing, looking for hidden motivations, whatever. They never relaxed and just took experiences as they came; every single thing had to be analyzed and broken down and interpreted. every single thing we did or talked about, I would just brace myself and say, "Ok, that was fun; now here comes the part where we friggin' analyze it." For a while I thought it was just me - that I'd happened to draw two weird psycholgists. She'd stare at people like they were bugs in a jar.But then my best friend went head over heels for a psychologist he met on the internet, and she was just a straight-up nutcase. She couldn't let anyone be; she had to constantly be pushing them to do or say something so she could observe them.I also feel uncomfortable watching a debate with people I with; one runs the risk of having your own debate instead of watching the debate on the television.So, I usually watch the debates-- and speeches, for that matter-- at home, by myself.

I can remember walking to IDA Pharmacy and picking one of these bad boys up right after I hit up Video 99 to rent a Mary-Kate and Ashley film, (most likely Our Lips Are Sealed or Billboard Dad,) in hopes that my elementary school crush would catch a whiff of this sweet scent and would subsequently fall in love with me.4.) Candy Kisses Lip Balm Dear Candy Kisses Lip Balm, While I did enjoy my Lip Smackers, nothing quite compared to the smell and taste of your lip balms.Mike invited my over, and I think I'll go to his house, if only because his wife's hot friend is going to be there. Alas, this hot woman also happens to be liberal, lending confirmation to one of the more nasty partisan theories I have in life: 1.The more attractive you are, the less you need to rely on critical thinking to succeed in life. The Democratic Party is all about heated emotion, the Republican Party is all about cold logic. Ergo, the more attractive your are, the more likely you are to be a Democrat. I will definitely watch the debate tonight, even if I think that it'll be anticlimactic. I'm a political junkie, a poli-sci major, and someone who believes this election is Really Damn Important.I was struck by the expression on her face - everyone at the table was relaxed and smiling, except her; she looked forlorn, desolate, empty, sad almost to the point of being griefstricken, and I realized this was the first time I'd ever seen her silent and disengaged from the people around her, just inhabiting her own space all by herself.