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Nextgen gallery thumbnail error updating thumbnail

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Unmodified, the code only pulls the description, which you can set in the gallery manager area.

By adding this code, you’re prepending the image name to the description and passing that to via the thumbnail title text.

Download Next GEN Gallery Once installed the Next GEN Gallery plugin’s settings and options panels will live within its own primary sidebar menu of the Word Press Admin called Gallery.

The submenu, called Overview, is meant to function much like your primary Dashboard screen; a quick overview of all things Next GEN Gallery.

It’s a set of images you place on your Word Press post to make other people jealous, right?

No, seriously, it’s simply a way to display multiple images on your posts or pages.

The Next Gen Gallery plugin is the perfect solution for Word Press users that need an attractive and versatile way to display their images online.

This tutorial will guide you through setting it up and how to create your first gallery similar to the one below.

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Under “general options”, I left the default gallery path, put a check mark next to “Delete files when removing a gallery”, and unchecked the box for “activate Pic Lens/Cool Iris” option since I prefer to use just one simple option for visitors to view images.It comes in both free and premium versions, but today I’ll be covering the free version as that is where the largest bulk of users remain.That is not to say that the premium version is not “worth it” but that those who upgrade tend to do so because they are familiar with the free version and need or want a particular feature offered in the premium version.The free version by itself is still quite a versatile and powerful plugin that most users will be happy to use.If you’d like to follow along with this overview and example, you can download the plugin for free by following the link below to the official Word Press Plugin Directory page for Next GEN Gallery.If no description is present, only the image title is passed to thickbox.