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A scam is a type of fraud and a form of a confidence trick. To begin with, the criminals send mass mails to various individuals.If you are wondering how they got your private/personal mail address or telephone number, remember they are cons.This year may see new scams introduced or old scams revised, but one thing is certain: Dishonest people are working hard to separate older Americans from their money.What to look out for: Scams often start with unsolicited phone calls offering products aimed at easing a person's fears.Consequently, they are a favorite target for fraudsters.Seniors lose more money by far to scams than any other demographic, with the median loss totaling 0, the Better Business Bureau found.

These scams historically have been committed using fax and regular postal mail, but in recent times, with email, the internet and SMS, scamming knows no bounds.Seniors tend to own their homes and have strong credit and ample savings, according to the FBI.They're also less likely to report fraud and tend to be less familiar with technology.“When you get a reply, it’s 70% sure that you’ll get the money,” a former scammer says.(Sunday Alamba / AP) FESTAC, Nigeria — As patient as fishermen, the young men toil day and night, trawling for replies to the e-mails they shoot to strangers half a world away. But the few who actually reply make this a tempting and lucrative business for the boys of Festac, a neighborhood of Lagos at the center of the cyber-scam universe.Calls like these were at the heart of a case where a company contacted seniors (even those listed on the National Do Not Call Registry) to hawk medical-alert pendants.