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Oklahoma divorce laws dating thru divorce

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Divorce can be a nasty attempt of trying to hurt the other person, trying to get all you can, and make the other person look as bad as possible in front of the judge.

Read the following to avoid common mistakes made during divorce, in order to protect yourself and get the best possible outcome.

If you take part in marital or family counseling during this time and the court finds that your chances of reconciliation are unlikely, it may hold a hearing before the 90 days is up.

Divorce is a significant step and sometimes spouses like to take it slowly.

If you decide to divorce rather than legally separate, you or your spouse must live in Oklahoma for at least six months before you file.

A divorce is a difficult and emotional time in a person’s life.

Divorces can be complex, especially when children are involved, so obtaining the best legal representation to handle your case will allow the proceedings to move forward and provide you with clarity to the specifics of the law.

However, since your separation decree isn't final like a divorce decree is, you can modify any property division terms when you ultimately divorce.Who gets what isn’t a matter of who has the most expensive Tulsa divorce attorneys.It’s not what a conflicted spouse said in the heat of passion.Your spouse will then need to be served with the petition and the procedure will progress.Issues that frequently need to be addressed are the equitable division of property and marital assets, alimony, decisions regarding the custody any children that resulted from the marriage and child support. If there are no children that resulted from the marriage, a divorce can be accomplished in as little as 10 days.You also may file in the state if you’ve been a resident of a military base there for six months. Yes, if you have children, the state will not grant you a divorce until at least 90 days after you file, unless you can provide a good reason why the waiting period should be waived.