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Depending on the extent of the criminal act and whether or not a child was involved determines whether it is a misdemeanor or felony.

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In general, beware of email scams and websites that try to trick you into sharing your personal information.

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And while it's a little bit on the long-winded side, it's also pretty straightforward to set up: First things first How to set a password for users on the Wii U Parental Controls How to access the Wii U's Parental Controls How to set different parental controls for different Wii U accounts How to restrict access to Wii U games by age rating How to block online play on the Wii U How to block access to in-game voice chat on Wii U How to block access to the Wii U internet browser How to prevent users spending money on the Wii U e Shop How to block access to Miiverse How to block an account from adding friends on Wii U - block-adding-friends How to block access to You Tube, Netflix, BBC i Player, and other media applications on Wii U How to prevent accounts deleting saves and games on Wii U How to prevent accounts changing internet settings on Wii U Wii Mode Staying Safe In Wii Mode How to restrict access to Wii games by age rating on Wii U How to restrict access to the Wii e Shop on Wii U How to prevent online play on Wii games on Wii U How to prevent access to inappropriate videos in Wii mode How to set a password for users on the Wii U First things first!

There's no use setting up some elaborate parental controls if your child can simply log into your account at the touch of a button, and get access to all the games you'd tried so hard to restrict.

The customer service representative explained that my account had been updated to include new i Phones, and in the process the SIM cards in my Android phones had been deactivated.

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A few weeks ago an unknown person walked into a mobile phone store, claimed to be me, asked to upgrade my mobile phones, and walked out with two brand new i Phones assigned to my telephone numbers.Beware of this when posting photos to online social media sites.Remember that pictures posted online may be copied, altered, and shared with many people without your knowledge or consent, unless you use privacy settings to limit who has access to the pictures. Beware when opening emails from unknown people or sources, especially when they are unsolicited.Click next, and it'll explain you need to create a 4 digit PIN to prevent anyone unauthorised from getting access to the Parental Controls, and changing them back. Think before you post anything online or share information in emails. Sharing personal information with others you do not know personally is one of your biggest risks online.My Experiences as a Victim of ID Theft One evening my mobile phone stopped working mid call.