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Note: I just realized that none of this post makes any sense unless you’ve played Persona 3 already.

She undergoes a HUGE personality shift, where she almost destroys the SEES Squad internally, when she tries to change the outcome of an action taken by the Main Character of P3 in the past.Eventually, he will confess that he loves your character as well. you'll need to max out his social link before the 4th of October where an extra scene may be initiated and give you the opportunity to confess your love to him. " "I hope so..." Rank 2 "You're so kind-hearted." Rank 3 "Actually, I'm really happy! " "I feel so lucky..." Rank 4 "Why did we come here today? " "I'm looking foward to it." Rank 5 "Is it ready yet?Also, in case you haven't finished the game yet so I won't give anything away, you should really give Shinjiro his missing pocket watch before the full moon in October, which can be done through Level 9 of his social link Opens on 9/7. " "It was a lot of fun." Rank 6 "I have my hopes up, too." "Definitely! Most of the time, simple flattery will raise your connections with Akihiko. By Amy Mc Nulty, e How Contributor In the PSP version of "Persona 3," also known as "Shin Megami Tensei 3," you will have the opportunity to play as a female protagonist.Opt to play as a female and one of your secondary goals can be to become one of the male characters' "girl" and date him.The most striking aspect of P3P is the choice it offers between the original male protagonist and a new female protagonist, opening up most of the main male cast to P3’s dating game.