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Have someone turn the music off at different intervals, and tell the 2 people dancing to select new partners.

Continue to play the game and select new partners until everyone is dancing. " Then everyone repeats the following motion throughout the game...

Difficulty: Average Time Required: 20 minutes Tape one heart on each player’s back, making sure they don’t see the name of their character.

Once all the children have names on their backs, have the players mingle in the room.

This Valentine game is like charades, only with matching hearts.

To play, take two pictures of something kids can act out easily (like animals or favorite movie or book characters) and glue it to two hearts.

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So, continuing with that example, Shrek would find Fiona, and the two would stop mingling and raise their hands to indicate that they’re done.

They’re supposed to answer each question the way they think their mate/date would respond.

They need to write each answer down, so that when their partner returns he/she can give their own answer to each question. In a jar, fold up slips of paper that have different "love/relationship" related words on them.

Assign point values for each question that is a match. Team #1 gets to draw first, and they must sing a song (at least one line of lyrics) with the word they have chosen in it.

Then reverse roles of the couples for the next set of questions. Then Team #2 must match them, and keep going back and forth until one of the teams gets stumped. You need to have an even number of people to actually participate in this game.