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Since the schedules of most politicians are hectic and unpredictable you may find yourself spending part of your date discussing politics.

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"It's really weird."According to an email obtained by In her email to Giles' office, the woman said she asked the man to send her additional photos to verify his identity. John Mc Cain, who she recognized as the former Republican presidential nominee.Pros on dating a politician: Dating a politician can be just as rewarding as dating any other person or celebrity.You must make the decision of how involved you will be in there life during and after their career. K.'s regular-guy shtick permeates everything about his image: the plain black T-shirts, the self-deprecating humor, his Twitter bio ("I am a comedian and a person and a guy who is sitting here"), even his mass-emailing strategy.Louie—and it feels right to call him "Louie" precisely because of this guy-who-is-sitting-here image he's so expertly cultivated—is, of course, not an ordinary guy. I will not abuse this privalage of having your email. Probably, unless i have something new to offer you. And those promises can feel downright politician-like.But Louie makes it clear that he knows what he's doing—like when he signs off "your annoying person," or writes something like "For any of you that didn't go to buy it and this is just a tedious, worthless email for you, I am truly, honestly, kind of, not really sorry at all." He tells you he hopes you're having a great day, then immediately reminds you he's writing to a sprawling and anonymous audience of people, as he did in January 2013: Seeing as this email goes out to about a quarter of a million people, the odds that all of them are having a terrific day are very low.