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So while I may be a little behind the pop-culture curve, there are certain issues that I find fascinating from an outsider’s perspective.

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Please help the CWCki by replacing or restoring these links.- 28 August 2010) was Chris's original "life upgrade".Chris has spent at least ,127.64 in American taxpayer dollars." class="article-header__image" width="620" height="470" src=",h_470,q_auto:good,w_620/harry-potter-video-game-006-the-greatest-harry-potter-video-games-every-true-potterhead-needs-to-play-jpeg-288807.jpg" / It's not controversial to say that video game adaptations have had a less than steller track record.The added baccarat, hostess, shogi, mahjong and more minigames is the main reason to rent this game. However the main drawback is the removal of Okinawa; the additional of rooftop and underground did not compensate.The good side is the variety of the move list from four different characters.Yakuza 4 recreates the real underground world of Tokyo and lets you thrive in an intensely deep crime action game where four men cross paths over a woman and dead man.

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Being as irresponsible with money as he is, Chris went into overdrive with this feature of the PS3's online capabilities.

For those of you familiar with Sony’s PS2, you might recall that the original Eye Toy was released back in 2004.

Not that the Eye Toy was very sophisticated back then, but it was the first major console device to have in-game motion-sensing capability.

It really is a great device that understands a bunch of commands, but it works a little too well.

When you leave PSVR — if you can ever bring yourself to play regular games again — the microphone on the camera stays on.