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It is difficult yet gratifying to write a book on an area that is still almost untouched.

first ever re-issue of this LP from 1979 by Fluxus artist MILAN KNIZAK, who was a true pioneer in recycling & looping music from damaged and prepared LPs (by scratching them, burning them, putting tape and paint onto them, cutting & re-shape them, etc..), combining loopy fragments of the original content with the new 'broken vinyl' noises, often until the needles of his players got destroyed...

re-issue of two LPs (from 1971/1981) with 5 pieces (his earliest available works, created 1961-1979, when he worked mainly with pure electronic sounds & human voice) by this amazing composer from Belgium (*1935) known for his "sound domes" =25 years after the original recordings this is the re-issue of one of LPDs "landmark" albums (from 1991), now with the complete additional material recorded at the same sessions: two gatefold do-LPs one more single LP, poster super-thick & solid box ! 300 copies a 3-hour recording of this Japanese impro / avantgarde / drone ensemble (ex EAST BIONIC SYMPHONIA and students of TAKEHISA KOSUGI from the legendary TAJ MAHAL TRAVELLERS), made at the INSTAL festival in Glasgow 2008; "A form of sound that does not turn into music and a group that does not produce harmony"; 4 LPs with printed inner sleeves in silk-screened PVC sleeve, along with liner notes and photos the Italian brother-duo who use self-build instruments & all kinds of objects & electronics for their spacey improvisations, with a new 5-track studio double album; ASH RA TEMPEL meets TIMOTHY LEARY in the Alps?

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