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According to divorce documents, Randy gets his Range Rover, Bentley, and Harley Davidson, while Samantha gets her new Infiniti.Randy also gets several six-figure bank accounts, his jewelry, one of their homes, and … Which, if you’re a Randy Orton fan, you know he has plenty of “guns”.As a result, WWE contacted her modeling agency and invited her to their then-developmental territory, Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW), for a tryout.Despite having no previous wrestling experience, she was offered a contract, which she signed in May 2006.As a result, she found herself involved in the feud developing between Mike Knox and partner Test with Tommy Dreamer and his partner The Sandman, including being inadvertently hit with a cane by Sandman when Knox used her as a shield.She made her in-ring debut for the brand on the August 22, 2006 episode of ECW on Sci-Fi in a losing effort, as part of a six-person mixed tag team match which saw herself, Knox, and Test lose to Dreamer, Sandman and Torrie Wilson, in what was the last match of the feud.Even after being called up to WWE's main roster, she continued to fly back and forth to OVW's base of Louisville, Kentucky once a week to work shows; first as a ring announcer and referee, then as a wrestler.Her stripping became a weekly segment known as Kelly's Exposé and usually followed the same routine; Kelly would dance and strip until she was interrupted by Knox, who was upset by her exhibitionism and showing off her body to others.

Kelly Kelly The Viper decided to poke fun at Divas Champion, Kelly Kelly, who is infamous for dating numerous WWE Superstars.Kelly Kelly rested her head on Cody's shoulders and looked at him with a smile. They talked to each other for minutes, when Mickie and The Bella Twins saw them."Ehem ehem! ""Hey you keep on teasing us we still have a match, Bye!" Kelly Kelly said before she and Cody walked away."Bye!Following the feud, Kelly and Knox were moved into a storyline with CM Punk in September, in which Kelly was shown to have developed a liking for Punk, and Knox was shown to be increasingly protective and jealous.At December to Dismember, Kelly and Knox took on the team of Ariel and Kevin Thorn in a mixed tag team match, during which Knox refused to tag in before abandoning Kelly, leaving her to be beaten down by Ariel.In addition, Randy gets 100% of all rights, title, and interest in his WWE contract, which is a ton of money (1,666 a month in earnings). She gets a bank account with 4,317, her ,000 engagement ring, all her other jewelry, one house, and sole custody of their daughter.