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Responsible for updating and communicating a strategic plan

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A successful plan for web accessibility addresses many areas of your organization and projects: training, quality assurance, recruiting, purchasing, marketing, content development, visual design, and more.

As with other important aspects of website development, such as performance, accessibility is best approached as an integral and ongoing activity.

Hanover 2020 – Clear Vision is an aspirational plan focused on ensuring the mission of the institution, our vision for the institution, and sustaining the financial well-being of the College for generations to come.

At its core, this strategic plan supports that which is most important to the institution – students.

However you choose to approach it, your evaluation should help you to answer the questions: The first set of questions, “Did we succeed? ” involves assessing the strategies, goals and action plans.

The results can be used for improving and refining your action plans to help you stay on target.

A strategic plan provides a roadmap for accomplishing specified goals.

Strategic planning may be utilized on a large scale, such as planning for business growth over several years or to help a nonprofit or governmental organization reach its stated mission.

responsible for updating and communicating a strategic plan-9

It can be done fairly simply by tracking activities and progress toward meeting objectives in your actions plan(s), or by using more complex models and methods.

Hanover College will be recognized throughout the tri-state (IN, KY, and OH) region as a diverse learning community that excels in preparing students for professions and advanced study by combining a transformative liberal arts education with educational opportunities in distinctive professional disciplines.

Through excellent undergraduate programs, meaningful co-curricular experiences, graduate programs in high demand fields, and accelerated pathways to graduate study, Hanover will be the college of choice for the region’s most well prepared high school seniors and for all students who seek to make a difference in local and global communities.

Hanover College is a challenging and supportive community whose members take responsibility for lifelong inquiry, transformative learning and meaningful service.

Hanover College is dedicated to creating a distinctive intellectual community within which students are challenged and nurtured to take responsibility for their learning and their lives and to develop their unique abilities to their highest levels.