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Resume updating tips

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We wanted to put them all together in a single place, and that is what you will find below: 44 resume writing tips. Know the purpose of your resume Some people write a resume as if the purpose of the document was to land a job.As a result they end up with a really long and boring piece that makes them look like desperate job hunters. Back up your qualities and strengths Instead of creating a long (and boring) list with all your qualities (e.g., disciplined, creative, problem solver) try to connect them with real life and work experiences.In addition, the ANA has partnered with several universities and programs that are exclusively offering ANA members discounts on online nursing degree programs for enrollment.Advance you career and visit the ANA Online Nursing Degree Center for more information.Guess what, if your resume doesn’t have the keywords related to the job you are applying for, you will be out even before the game starts. Check the job description and related job ads for a clue on what the employer might be looking for.You can read more about resume keywords on the article Tapping the Power of Keywords to Enhance Your Resume’s Effectiveness. Use effective titles Like it or not, employers will usually make a judgment about your resume in 5 seconds.Review the job listing carefully, and research the company on Glassdoor.

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Here are some tips to help make your resume stand out and be more effective in today’s tough job market. Remember that your resume is a marketing piece about you. When writing a job objective, make it clear and concise.

These five tips can only help your resume gain more views and give you an edge in finding the perfect position.

Now that you have these essential resume tips, post or update your resume at the ANA Nurse’s Career Center.

Allowing the reader’s eye to glide from one point to the next will allow them to ascertain the pertinent information as quickly as possible.

Your resume documents all that you’ve achieved thus far, and you want a potential employer to know how exactly you implemented your skills and contributed to a team in the past.