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The figures are even fitted with a hinged jaw, with 'soft, stretchy lips, ultra soft tongue, soft silicone teeth.' While sex dolls had been produced in Japan since the 1980s, they were made from plastic.

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In addition, all Russian proverbs are provided with English equivalents and literal translations.

Russian Culture Learn about many aspects of the Russian cultural heritage, including history, traditions, arts, society, family and marriage, Russian holidays, cuisine.

You may learn just some most commonly used Russian words. In our Romance Dictionary you will find all the sweet words you may address to your beloved. You can see the words in Russian, in English and transcription helping you to pronounce them correctly.

We believe that the conversation online should get a smooth offline follow up.

This is why we decided to bring our trustworthy online community offline and let our members meet each other in real life, to strip that potential spark from its bits and bytes.

We organize are exclusive dating events at the most sought after locations.

From hidden hotspots such as Uncle Barts in London to panoramic cocktail clubs like Eclipse in the W Hotel in Barcelona.