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The 34-year-old, whose popularity earned her the title 'Queen of Snapchat' from Playboy, was still in pain when she posted this message to her Twitter: 'Pinched a nerve in my neck on a Photoshoot and got adjusted this morning. The fundraising page, which has drawn more than ,000 in donations, reads: 'Katie's family plans on using any money raised to help pay for education, Mia’s daily life and to help her dad with the costs of parenting.'In an interview with the Huffington Post earlier this year, May revealed that she grew up in a small town outside Pittsburgh, the youngest of four children.
We’re pretty sure it’s not every day that you get chased by a horde of zombies or hunted down by psychotic serial killers.

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After questioning a tattooist, they learn that the tattoo was new and only three people have gotten it.

Turning his father's estate into Professor Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, Charles's earliest student was young Jean Grey, only twelve years old when her mental powers manifested.

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