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Meanwhile, Frank, 41, a lifelong bachelor, had been online for a year on different match-up sites.
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Simon can look as tall as Lopez, but it's clear he's a bit shorter and Simon goes to bed wearing heels and lifts and has the posture to match.

Simon will never let himself be photographed without lifts with Ryan.

(My backup pick would have been "Time of the Season", which he also rocked earlier in the season).

Honestly, I think Blake performed it better the first time. saying that the higher notes don't do Blake any favors, I think it was a good choice for him.

He seemed a little zapped of energy, but maybe he was nervous since they were in the Kodak Theater in Hollywood, after all. The judges, however, believe that Blake took a safe song and didn't do much with it. Do the performances sound different live versus on air? So Jordin comes out, still rocking the dress thing over jeans (which really do her no favors, because let's be honest here - - girlfriend isn't a size 8) and she's going to torture us with another rendition of "Broken Wing". I really don't understand Simon's complete about face and telling her that her version is better than the original. TPTB must have thought to make sure and pick a song that would be more ballad-y and easier for Jordin to handle, in the process, throwing Blake under the I don't think Blake's performance was terrible, it certainly wasn't his best, but he didn't have the greatest material to work with. Was having the phone lines open for 4 hours really necessary? And why didn't TPTB think to choose Winger's "Seventeen" for their pop princess?

So Randy, extremely inexplicably dressed up as Michael Jackson doing Sgt. Simon had better check dark corners for Martina Mc Bride, that's all I'm saying. Jordin's performance was okay, but nothing to get super excited about.

But that all ends on April 7, when the show’s 15th and final winner will be crowned.

Along the way, hundreds of performers have been featured, and while not everyone has reached the heights of Kelly Clarkson or Jennifer Hudson, many have left indelible marks on the hearts and ears of the viewers who did “Dial Idol” for them.

He said to CNN that he doesn't get bothered he's "5'9" and people call me short". On his own Twitter he also gave another height: "5'8.5".

A formally trained singer, she started taking lessons at age fourteen from vocal coach Melissa Black.

She rigorously trained with her coach for almost a year, in order to perfect her skill.

Recently Hollywood Life claimed that he said "actually, I'm 5' 8" but my shoes tonight make me 5'8" and three quarters. said on 14/May/17 I use to think he was a flat 5'7", but I can't see him much shorter than 5'7.5". Here he pulls off the same as height as Mario Lopez in similar shoes: Click Here Posture seems decent.

Actually, it wouldn't surprise me if Ryan and Simon are the same height.