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Scorpio woman dating advice

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First, you need to understand that any type of clever plays, abuses, and cheating is not permissible in any kind of love!So, if you are reading this article as a clever cheat code into the heart of a Scorpio woman, just do a favor to leave now.Most Scorpios prefer a good fight with a partner in preference to being ignored.Intuitive, passionate and self confident, the Scorpio woman will often know all your secrets before you know much, if anything, about her.But they are also passionate, motivated and hard working in all aspects of their life.

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True story: I was once minding my business, drinking green tea in Starbucks, when this woman I'd never met approached me and said, "Are you a Scorpio?

Here's why: Scorpios are regarded as the sexiest sign in the zodiac, and we're also too honest to say that we don't enjoy bragging about that fact.

(And it is a fact, or at least as much fact as the rest of astrology is.)We're a fixed sign ruled by both Mars and Pluto, because why settle for one planet when you're this cool?

Dating a Scorpio can take a little getting used to.

They can be tough to handle, they are stubborn and determined to succeed.