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Cincinnati is a livable city at the crossroads—literally and figuratively—of north and south, east and west, and Old World and New World.

Called by some the “northernmost southern city,” it is a transportation and cultural gateway between the industrial North and rural South dating back to Underground Railroad days.

The decision is likely to force a ruling from the Supreme Court, a body that's up until now been "leading from behind" on this issue.

It's also a reflection of the broader inequalities that still exist for LGBT people in today's America, where activists note that marriage is only part of the picture.

During that time, we interviewed more than a dozen members of the reviled group, including some of the only members not related by blood, the Drains.

They welcomed us into their homes and gave us access to 17 years of home video footage.

In return, we produced an unbiased look into the lives of one of America's most despised organizations.

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