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The high-veld Sotho include the Pedi (in the narrower sense), Tau, Kone, Roka, Ntwane, Mphahlele, Tšhwene, Mathabathe, Kone (Matlala), Dikgale, Batlokwa, Gananwa (Mmalebogo), Mmamabolo, and Moletše.

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The Novell DNS server takes advantage of the peer-to-peer nature of e Directory by replicating the DNS data.The Novell DNS Service interoperates with other DNS servers.The Novell DNS server can act as either a master DNS server or a secondary DNS server in relation to non-Novell DNS servers.The Novell DNS server can act as the master DNS server and transfer data to non-Novell secondary servers.There are two configuration parameters that can be used within the powerdns configuration file.A setting to enable/disable DNS update support completely.

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The DNS software in Open Enterprise Server integrates DNS information into e Directory.This avoids the peril of having a single point of failure for your DNS servers.Unlike caching or forwarding DNS servers or a multi-purpose DNS server, authoritative-only servers only respond to iterative queries for the zones that they are authoritative for.This means that if the server does not know the answer, it will just tell the client (usually some kind of resolving DNS server) that it does not know the answer and give a reference to a server that may know more.Authoritative-only DNS servers are often a good configuration for high performance because they do not have the overhead of resolving recursive queries from clients.This is primarily meant to converge stealth servers.