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Since the process of preparation and issuance of consolidated financial statements imposes huge costs, there are certain reliefs to be applied both from consolidating every subsidiary and from obligatory presentation of consolidated financial statements.

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The etymological origin of the name Ebora is from the ancient Celtic word ebora/ebura, plural genitive of the word eburos (yew), name of a species of tree, so its name means "of the yew trees." The city of York, in northern England, at the time of the Roman Empire, was called Eboracum/Eburacum, named after the ancient Celtic place name *Eborakon (Place of Yew Trees), so the old name of York is etymologically related to the city of Évora.

as the Romans had extensive gold mining in Portugal; or it may named after ivory workers, but these two hypotheses are much less likely than the first one, because the name Évora has no relation with gold or with ivory in ancient Celtic, Latin or Portuguese languages or other languages, there is no etymological ground for these two hypotheses.

It was a machine age style which utilised the innovations of the times such as plastics, chrome & aluminium.

At a time of economic depression and the approach of war there was a desire for escapism.

It is compiled from the Time Out Deco 100 guide but with additions from other sources, recommendations and personal knowledge.It may have been capital of the kingdom of Astolpas.The Romans conquered the town in 57 BC and expanded it into a walled town.Entertainment is a comprehensive, extensively updated event calendar for the City of Sudbury, Ontario.The primary goal is to provide Sudburians with a single site to access all things entertainment.* Disclaimer: Events posted on this website are gathered from a large variety of sources, many third-party.