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The church is the place God grows us, encourages us, and uses us best. Story Behind the Book Like all my books, this one is very closely tied to my own journey. And I’ve learned just how good it is to get serious about the church.

Reflecting our consumer culture, many Christians are church shoppers and hoppers.We settled into our chairs, adjusted our microphones, and after catching up a bit more, we got down to business. * * * Boundless: Josh, what motivated you to write ? Joshua Harris: I had the experience when I was single, after getting out of the high school youth group, which was my whole world of church at the time and all my friends there, of really feeling disconnected from the church and not quite seeing how it fit into my life and my plans.There was a season of time where I was still involved in the church, but it was not my priority. I was essentially "dating the church" -- I use that phrase to describe the mindset that says, "I'm with the church, but I really treat her like a girlfriend, and sadly, often times, a neglected girlfriend." You know -- looking for something better and really not having that much passion or excitement about the relationship.When Joshua and Carolyn arrived, it was as though we were getting together with old friends.In my case, they old friends, as I've known both for years.Rather, we must be in love with and committed to God’s plan and purpose through the church. We attend church, but we don't want to settle down and truly invest ourselves.