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No one will send him aggressive commands to put this on, or take this off.

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It also has a new option of being able to "remodel" your house, which is basically changing the background of your living room.

It also has better pixelation than the previous versions because there is a grayscale.

If two lights come on, press the corresponding buttons at the same time. You can train your tama by selecting the toilet icon before it makes a mess on the floor.

A whistle will go off every time the lights change. Before a tama makes a mess, it will go from side to side with little squiggles around it.v4 and v4.5 toddler and teen characters go to school.

Notes: The Mesutchi and Osutchi were released in December of 1997 in Japan only.

They feature interlocking mating using the same interlocking technology that Digimon used to connect, in which the tops of each Tamagotchi would lock together so that they could communicate with each other.

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When you see a shape fall, use the B Button to scroll through the different shapes at the bottom and match it to the falling shape.

After 24 hours, your tama will go back to Tamagotchi Planet and leave you with the baby. Jump over the jump rope without getting caught in the rope. You must have the same pose as the character on the right. As you can see, v4 and v4.5 adult characters get jobs! If you get rejected from one job, you can always try another job. Remember: You have to have enough skill points to get a certain job. Use the C Button to un-choose the item if you need to.

Use either the A Button, B Button, or C Button to jump. After the character does its pose, your tama will do a series of poses. You will be offered a job as soon as you graduate from school.

This tamagotchi does feature the dating place where they can find a mate.

If you're not planning to collect the tamagotchi figurines for the extra features, then I wouldn't really recommend this one, unless of course you enjoy a really simple tamagotchi that's easy to care for.