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The frisky are you dating a cat

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Of course, there are the exceptions — kids that pretty much just resume partying back at home or in Cabo — but in my case in cookie-cutter suburbia, it’s pretty damn boring.

But I also can’t deny that we’re in a bubble of our Ivy League hook up culture, and for the most part, going back home blows.

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And it's also set the celebrity world a bit topsy-turvy.

Here are just a few of those who've been plucked from obscurity and thrust into Twitter greatness.

With this in mind, during my first winter break home, I sought out my friends who stayed home for college and asked them how the hell they stay sane.

One of my friends let me in on her little secret of fun…that also generated a few thousand dollars for her: escorting.

I remember turning away from the sink, and I saw Frisky walking towards me, and because I was mid-step, I almost fell into the bathtub behind me to avoid stepping on him.

(The Frisky) -- When Conan O'Brien randomly started following Sarah Killen's Twitter page (@Lovely Button) she got nearly 19,000 followers, a new i Mac, a free wedding gown, gratis wedding rings, ,600 in donations for her cancer walk, and the chance to meet Ludacris. "My fiance wants Conan to be his best man," she said. And hey, if he wants us to come on his show, we'd get married on there.

That would be fantastic." Guess she's not that big of a fan if she hasn't heard that there isn't a show anymore?

There’s nothing to see, and no one to flirt with since they don’t have the “safety” of being a Cornell student.

I mean, what if they’re a dingy drug dealer fronting?