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”[1] First, I agreed with the dilemma as he expressed it: “[S]ome Christians who would never dream of attending a same-sex marriage….find themselves in [a] dilemma because of a dear niece, nephew, child of a friend or associate, or simply a friend.SCRIPTURE PASSAGES: Introduction (5 minutes) PREVIOUS LESSON REVIEW: Ask, “What did we learn about worship last week?How did you worship God this week, and do you think he was pleased with your motives and actions?

I grew up in a loving, conservative evangelical family, and came to faith in Christ at a young age.MAIN IDEA: Homosexuality is one of the sexual sins listed in the bible.We should respond with truth (in love) to others concerning this sin.And as a heterosexual who has never had SSA, it’s easy for me to brush aside the question since I don’t personally struggle with it.In other words, it’s easy for me to be selfish, inconsiderate, prideful, and unloving by failing to bear the burden of those who are wrestling with the theological and personal implications of SSA.Since my study on homosexuality is focused on because they have the gift of singleness but because they believe it’s wrong (or aren’t convinced that it’s right) to act on their desires. If you’re single, heterosexual, and you have a desire to get married, how would you feel if you were told that it was wrong for you ever to get married and enjoy the intimacy of marriage, and that you must live the rest of your life without a spouse? Andrew is a Christian, he’s single, he would love to be married, but he’s only attracted to guys.