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Tools for validating xml

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There can be nothing more disturbing than creating and styling a web page, thinking that you have it perfect, and then when testing it hitting upon some unknown display error that you simply can’t figure out.

One of the tricks to fixing errors like this is to validate your markup and style sheets first.

The XML validator in XMLSpy is powered by the Altova Raptor XML validation engine, which was written from the ground up to provide the closest possible standards conformance coupled with fast validation speeds.

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Smart Fix provides options for fixing XML validation errors that you can apply automatically, with a single click.The documentation that is available alongside the main files of IE XML/XSL Viewer Tools will help make things a bit more clear in case you want to view the instructions provided by Microsoft for this package.Currently, when browsing XML files using Microsoft® Internet Explorer, the XML documents are not validated.In addition, when viewing the source of the document, only the XML is returned and there is no way to view the output from the XSL or XSLT style sheet that may have been used to transform that XML document.The Internet Explorer tools for validating XML and viewing XSLT output will enable a shell option when viewing XML files to see the processed XSL output.In the margin of Text View as well as in the Smart Fix pane of the validator message window, XMLSpy enumerates the possible corrections for fixing each error and will make the required changes automatically based on your selection.