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The site created a “hotness ratio” between the numbers of users from a school whose profiles were “saved” by other people on the site and the number of users from that college that posted their pictures.

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So why then would the Tufts University Student Senate choose to single out Israel?Many of these were straightforward, such as wealth, income, height, etc.However, they all can be seen as examples of prejudice.“Especially with craiglist, gay men are the people who use it the most.If you look at the ads for men seeking women, or women seeking men, or women seeking women there are fewer of them,” says Brandon J. “Informally, anecdotally, I do notice that there tends to be more open conversation about it amongst my gay friends than amongst my straight friends,” says Marco Chan ’11, Co-Chair of Harvard College Queer Students and Allies.“What we’ve seen is that these figures do show who are the hottest users on the site.” Boston College topped the list for both men and women.