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Lets see how to tackle these problem one by one: Run the Update Manager.

And go to Settings as shown in the pic below: Now here, go to the Ubuntu Software tab and make sure that Software is restricted by copyright or legal issues field is checked.

Just ran into the same issue where I created a new docker instance (the first docker insgance) on the non boot-strap cluster node and the apt-get update hung with same symptoms. create the first docker instance after a fresh socketplane install on the second Socketplane host (not the bootstrap node). After further testing the "apt-get update" hang seems to only happen for the "default" network if the Vagrant created Virtualbox instance is create without "virtualbox__intnet: true".

If the version included in your version of Ubuntu is not the one you want, you can use the Postgre SQL Apt Repository.

Which means another process is already using the mentioned directory (necessary for the application to be installed) through Synaptic Package Manager, Update Manger, terminal or Ubuntu Software Center.

The idea would be to look for another application which is being installed or update it.

Wait for it to finish the installation or cancel it.

If you cannot see the application then try running this command in the terminal to solve this error: If you do not know which is the root cause of error, then follow the instructions for each of them and then you can find it out.