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Of course, they were limited by the technology available at that time.
He has also authored a fantastic book called that I really suggest everyone read.

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Expert GPS even works with your own scanned maps, and data from over 100 different mapping, GIS, and CAD programs.Expert GPS Home is an affordable outdoor trip planner at only .95.Once it works, it is always good practice to back up the entire device root directory.Good to do this before firmware updates as some firmware updates on some devices have caused issues in the past.

On recent firmware, Go to the Main Menu, then select or press Tracks: Enter: Setup: Enter: Data Card Setup: Enter: Menu: Card Info: Enter On any firmware, but you can start Mapsource and read maps from the GPS.

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These are all kind of maps tailored for motorists, cyclists, hikers etc.

Those maps differ in what they display (small footpaths, huts) how they look on your device (colors, icons) and if and how they enable you to use the routing feature of your Garmin (car-only, cars bikes on foot, bikes only).