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Updating sequence in oracle

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' MAXVALUE 1.0E27 MINVALUE 1 NOCYCLE CACHE 20 NOORDER ;' FROM DUAL This code drops the sequence and then recreates it using the highest id currrently in use in a table, plus one.This document, titled "Oracle - Resetting a sequence," is available under the Creative Commons license.

I then changed the amount it increments with to the difference (plus a few to be save), selected nextval, then change it back to increment by 1.

SQL Server and Oracle support the creation of automatically incrementing columns that can be designated as primary keys.

These values are generated by the server as rows are added to a table.

To reset it Oracle, and most other sites, tell me I need to drop the sequence and recreate it to change its current value.

To avoid dropping the sequence and invalidating all the triggers and anything else that is dependent on it I decided a different approach was in order.