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Updating tf2 server

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These values can be modified in a number of ways to make your server appear different.

The first value that you should add is the "hostname".

I have sent a support ticket, and restarted and reinstalled the server many times.

The details such as the name and map are not updating, and I cant join it in the game.

If TF2 has moved to VPK, how come my server has not?is it some other way of updating or am i like just updating like steam? It would be easier to answer if you talked in proper sentences.please please help i need my server compatible with the latest tf2 version Have you validated your files? If the server is out of date you just wait, that usually works. Loaded 3507 VPK file hashes from C:\Users\Nathan\Desktop\TF2 Server\steamapps\co mmon\Team Fortress 2 Dedicated Server\tf\tf2_for pure server operat ion.Loaded 961 VPK file hashes from C:\Users\Nathan\Desktop\TF2 Server\steamapps\com mon\Team Fortress 2 Dedicated Server\tf\tf2_sound_vo_for pure server operation.This variable is used to set the name for your server.